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What should I do with my product packaging ?

At Biscay Home, we believe it is vital to recycle or reuse the packaging of the products we receive. That's why this page helps our customers put their packaging in the right bin or encourage them to reuse it.

The Triman logo came into force on January 1, 2022 in France, it only concerns packaging. Its presence does not mean that the packaging goes into the sorting bin, but that it is subject to recycling rules. It is associated with a sticker that helps you put your packaging in the right bin. (Source: On our website, the products of the "Biscay Home" brand have the Triman logo accompanied by an indication 'Le Tri Facile' on the packaging. In addition, and this also concerns products that are not of the Biscay Home brand, this page guides you to know in which bin to put your packaging. Consequently, depending on your country and your department (for France), the sorting rules are different.

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What should I do with my product packaging ?


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